Champions of Change in Lifestyle Medicine

The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative (LMEd) is proud to showcase lifestyle medicine education programs in medical schools. The schools highlighted are at various stages of program development and implementation. School leaders have shared information regarding courses, electives, activities, and programs to assist other schools as they develop their own programs. Read and learn.


The Lifestyle Clinic at Emory University has been helping patients learn how to break the chains of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors since December 2013. I am the product of trailblazers at Emory University who challenged the status quo of how to effectively treat chronic, preventable diseases by laying the foundation of what is now the Lifestyle Clinic at Emory. As a Preventive Medicine resident in my second and final year of training, I currently serve in a leadership role to build lifestyle medicine among the trainees and faculty of the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. I also facilitate shared medical appointments covering the topics of nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness. Our program has recently been selected to receive the American College of Preventive Medicine Diabetes Prevention Program Demonstration Project grant award which allows us to implement the Diabetes Prevention Program at our lifestyle clinic. This project is directly in line with the lifestyle medicine core competency of Use of Office and Community Support. The clinic provides hands-on lifestyle medicine exposure for residents, faculty, medical students, and physician assistant students. Through applied learning, learners actively engage with patients during shared medical appointments, practice motivational interviewing, and gain an appreciation for the impact lifestyle...
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The CUNY School of Medicine is a seven-year BS/MD program receiving its preliminary LCME accreditation in 2015. The program is based on the success of the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education founded in 1973 specifically to address societal issues related to care of the underserved and the numbers of underrepresented minority physicians. The mission of the CUNY School of Medicine is to produce broadly-educated, highly-skilled medical practitioners to provide quality health services to communities historically underserved by primary care practitioners. The School recruits and educates a diverse, talented pool of students, expanding access to medical education to individuals with limited financial resources from underserved communities, and who are of racial/ethnic backgrounds historically underrepresented in the medical profession. In 2015 the School launched a new curriculum which includes a year-long lifestyle medicine course taken in the second year of the program. The content of the lifestyle medicine course, known as Practice of Medicine 1 emphasizes the importance of lifestyle factors in health and covers topics such as sleep, healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, social connectedness, spirituality, tobacco and substance abuse avoidance. In lectures and small group sessions, students learn to conduct literature searches, critically assess medical literature, and appreciate...
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At the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM), faculty and students joined forces with chefs and experts in clinical nutrition to establish the JHUSOM Teaching Kitchen in 2015. The objective of this Teaching Kitchen is to bridge the gap between learning about nutrition concepts in lectures and confidently applying food and diet related principles in practice. The JHUSOM Teaching Kitchen is unique in that it was student-initiated and founded by first year medical students who recruited faculty mentors as well as registered dietitians and culinary experts. This multidisciplinary team with medical, nutrition, and culinary expertise have worked together to develop an engaging curriculum to convey essential nutrition knowledge and culinary skills that students can use to counsel patients on the impact of food and diet on their health. Students are also encouraged to personally embrace these practices in their own lives and serve as role models for their patients, family members, friends, and colleagues. With support from the Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab, the leadership team of the JHUSOM Teaching Kitchen also formed the B’more Healthy Teaching Kitchen to promote healthy eating directly in the larger Baltimore community. Through these community outreach efforts, students lead events like health fairs and...
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Over the past two years, several individuals in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation have been making teaching inroads into the medical school curriculum to include the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise is Medicine (ACSM EIM) principles. Per Dr. Heather Vincent, the group has been able to: A) Develop and insert into the first-year pre-preceptorship an introductory lecture on the importance of discussing exercise with patients and using ACSM EIM materials such as the exercise prescription pads, benefits sheets, and information on exercise as a vital sign. B) Provide second-year medical students an intensive lecture series entitled “Exercise is Medicine” where we discuss the benefits of exercise for low back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, and what specific exercise programs and modifications can be used to manage these common complaints. We have also included exercise programs for healthy aging, “Normal Musculoskeletal Aging”. C) Create an exercise testing hands-on session in the Clinical Elective “Advanced Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Reasoning” for fourth-year students. In this session, students perform an exercise gait study and a gait mat, and together we access patient history, movement patterns, and determine exercise therapies that can be used to correct problems and imbalances. In...
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