What is LMEd?

The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative (LMEd) offers leadership, guidance, mentoring and resources to advance the adoption and implementation of lifestyle medicine curricula throughout medical education. Currently, LMEd is focused on expanding access to lifestyle medicine education in U.S. medical schools with a concentration on subjects specifically tailored for medical students. These subjects include: nutrition, exercise/physical activity, behavior change and self-care.

What is lifestyle medicine?

LMEd has a vision for the future of medical education in which medical schools teach lifestyle medicine as an integral component of their curricula. Medical schools will provide an array of evidence-based curricular resources for prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases throughout medical education including core curricula, lifestyle medicine competencies woven into existing curricula, additional electives, student interest groups, experiential education, community service, rotations and scholarly concentrations.

Who has access to LMEd?

Deans, faculty, students, medical health practitioners and community leaders.

What does LMEd provide?

One of the objectives of LMEd is to support and mentor medical school champions of lifestyle medicine education. These champions include deans, faculty, students and community leaders that work together to create a common vision, objectives, resources and an implementation plan.

LMEd will provide mentoring to LMEd members who want to start and/or expand their existing LM programs at their school. It consists of a phone call and access to the LMEd toolkit. The toolkit contains a high-level overview of change management concepts as well as major articles, topics and examples of medical school leadership in nutrition, culinary medicine and exercise, to name a few. We continually update the toolkit from medical school champions.

We are glad to share with you the many organizations and people who have helped us and what we all have learned to make it easier to fashion your own medical school lifestyle medicine program. Together, with the LMEd team and members, we are co-creating the future through collaboration.  For more information please email Dennis Muscato at dmuscato@westernu.edu.

Is there a cost or fee associated with LMEd?

We are grateful to the Ardmore Foundation, Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine, American Council on Exercise, American College of Lifestyle Medicine and many others for their support and expertise.  There is no cost or fee.

Who else has joined the LMEd Collaborative? How can I be a part of this effort?

You can join our free LMEd social media platform (Medstro) to collaborate with other medical schools.


How do I implement LMEd into my school?

This is a common question and LMEd Mentoring provides a phone/webinar consultation to learn about your school, where you are at in lifestyle medicine education, and mentor you and/or your team in steps to take.  We have expertise in starting from scratch and have materials that will help you.  Also, we have many medical schools that are in various stages of implementing lifestyle medicine education. Joining the free LMEd social media platform is a good way to see over 250 members who are also embarking on this journey.

Where can I access LMEd material?

Please contact Dennis Muscato for more information on the LMEd Mentoring Toolkit: dmuscato@westernu.edu

Where can I learn more about upcoming events?

Webinars: http://lifestylemedicineeducation.org/webinar

Annual Summit: http://lifestylemedicineeducation.org/summit

How does LMEd differ from ACLM (American College of Lifestyle Medicine)?

LMEd was constituted with the focused effort to integrate lifestyle medicine education into the curricula of US medical schools. Our efforts are in concert with the ACLM and indeed we anticipate reviewing and likely including the ACLM/ACPM online curriculum as part of our curated collection of material.  We are also working in concert with the ACLM’s Professionals in Training group to meet our strategic goal of supporting medical students working toward lifestyle medicine curricula.


Email:            INFO@LifestyleMedicineEducation.org
Website:       http://LifestyleMedicineEducation.org

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