The LMEd Mentoring program provides assistance for medical schools in creating their own lifestyle medicine education leadership program for their medical students. There are over 70 medical schools in the United States and around the globe represented in the LMEd collaboration network, in addition to numerous collaborating organizations. The LMEd offers ways to assist schools in developing a program by sharing lessons learned, providing steps to build a program, offering tips on overcoming barriers, and working with you/team at your school.  This is by phone, email, and virtual conference. We work with you as needed, over a week, a month, a year–whatever you need while always providing encouragement to continue the process.


LMEd Mentoring Toolkit Dropbox

The LMEd Mentoring Toolkit contains over 200 lifestyle medicine curriculum-related journals, articles, reports, presentations, studies, videos, syllabi, and much more. The toolkit is searchable, keyword indexed, and updated regularly. For Dropbox access, email Dennis Muscato at with your full professional contact info.

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