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The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences has designed and implemented a Lifestyle Medicine Elective for preclinical medical students. The elective is conducted by Dr. Angele McGrady, Dalynn Badenhop, PhD, Professor of Medicine, and Kim Abbas, licensed dietician. To date, 63 students have enrolled in the elective. The program applied for and received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to collect data on lifestyle habits of students. The elective consists of four group sessions during which information is presented and discussed involving the relationship among lifestyle factors, health and illness. Students complete screening tools to identify the area where their lifestyle may be unhealthy. They then set a SMART goal to address activity, nutrition, or stress management. Small groups in each area are conducted by healthcare professionals. Data is collected again at the end of elective. Two sessions are devoted to group work on patient cases where lifestyle is a factor in their chronic illness.

Data analysis shows that statistically significant improvements are achieved by students in increasing activity, reducing fat consumption, increasing fruit/vegetable intake, and decreasing anxiety. We believe that obtaining data showing that changes in lifestyle are possible during medical school, and positive evaluations are critical to the promotion of lifestyle medicine as a required curriculum topic.

Enrollment in the elective has increased from four students in spring 2015 to 27 in spring of 2017.  Because of the success of this lifestyle medicine elective for first and second year medical students, the medical school curriculum committee has agreed to include “Lifestyle Medicine” as a thread in all years of the medical school curriculum starting in Fall 2017.

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Angele McGrady, PhD, LPCC
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
University of Toledo Medical Center

Dr. Angele McGrady received a PhD in Biology and an MEd in Counseling from the University of Toledo.  She is a licensed counselor and a certified provider of biofeedback.  Currently Dr. McGrady is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC), where she also maintains a practice in counseling and biofeedback. Dr. McGrady has experience in teaching: medical, nursing, physician assistant, graduate students and residents.  She designed wellness programs for medical students, residents, and more recently college level athletes.


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